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Supported Linux Distributions

All Supported Distributions

We ship GreenArrow packages for the following 64-bit Linux distributions:

Linux Distribution Supported Until 1
Alma Linux 9.x 2 May 31, 2032
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.x 2 May 31, 2032
Rocky Linux 9.x 2 May 31, 2032
Alma Linux 8.x May 31, 2029
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.x May 31, 2029
Ubuntu Server 24.04 LTS 2 April 2029
Debian 12.x Stable 2 June 10, 2028
Amazon Linux 2023 2 December 31, 2027
Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS April 2027
Debian 11.x Stable August 14, 2026
Amazon Linux 2 June 30, 2025
Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS April 2025
Debian 10.x Stable July 6, 2024
CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and Scientific Linux 7.x June 30, 2024
Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS 3 April 2023
  1. The date when the Linux distribution’s vendor has indicated they will discontinue support. We plan to ship GreenArrow updates for each Linux distribution until that date.
  2. Using the latest supported version of your preferred Linux distribution gives you the longest time before it will need an upgrade to a later version.
  3. GreenArrow continues to ship packages for this distribution, even though the vendor has discontinued it. New installations using this distribution are not recommended. The production of new packages for this distribution may be discontinued at any time.

Moving to a Supported Distribution

If you find yourself on Linux distribution that’s end-of-life or will be soon, you have these options for getting off of it:

  1. If you’re running Debian or Ubuntu, upgrade to the next major release.
  2. Migrate to a new server. Most customers who use Red Hat or CentOS choose this option.
  3. Take a set of backups, upgrade your existing server to a new Linux distribution, then restore the backups.

You can migrate or backup your GreenArrow installation using the above links, or have us do the migration or backup for you. Please contact GreenArrow’s technical support if you’d like assistance.

End of Life Linux Distributions

We no longer release GreenArrow updates for the following Linux distributions:

Linux Distribution Supported Until
Debian 9.x Stable June 2022
CentOS 8.x 2 December 31, 2021
Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS April 2021
CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and Scientific Linux 6.x 64-bit November 30, 2020
CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and Scientific Linux 6.x 32-bit January 31, 20201
Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit April 2019
Debian 7 64-bit May 2018
Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit April 2017
CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and Scientific Linux 5.x 32-bit and 64-bit March 31, 2017
  1. We ended support early for this 32-bit distribution because we found that in 2020, all customers using it were on the 64-bit version.
  2. In December 2020, RedHat announced that they would end support for CentOS 8 on December 31, 2021. CentOS 8 was previously going to remain in support until May 31, 2029. We had no control over this change.

Running an End-of-Life Linux Distribution

We strongly recommend against using an end-of-life Linux distribution, because receiving security updates and bugfixes is important. With that said, we’ll continue to support GreenArrow on an end-of-life Linux distribution with the following caveats:

  1. If you stay on an end-of-life distribution and encounter a bug that we fixed in a version of GreenArrow that was released after your distribution went end-of-life, we will not backport our bugfix. You’ll need to migrate to a still supported distribution to get the bugfix.

  2. If we think an issue could be caused by using an end-of-life Linux distribution, then we may require a migration to a non-end-of-life Linux distribution as a condition of continued support.

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