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Bad Address Suppression

SimpleMH’s Bad Address Suppression feature suppresses sends to email address / ListID combinations that have been identified as bad due to any of the following:

  1. A bounce_bad_address event, which occurs when GreenArrow Engine determines that any email address is bad due to bounce(s).
  2. An scomp event, which occurs when a subscriber clicks on their ISP’s equivalent to the “This is spam” button, and a valid feedback loop registration is in place.
  3. An engine_unsub event, which occurs when a subscriber clicks on a SimpleMH unsubscribe link, or a List-Unsubscribe header is used to unsubscribe.

Bad address suppression is ListID specific, meaning if each Mail Class is given its own ListID, each will maintain its own, separate list of which addresses to suppress sends to. If all Mail Classes use the same ListID, then they’ll share a common list of addresses to suppress sends to.

This feature can be enabled and disabled by editing the $BAD_ADDRESS_REMOVE value in the simplemh-config file.

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