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GreenArrow Engine and AWS

Q. Can I use Amazon Web Servers (AWS) with GreenArrow Engine and Studio? What about other Cloud providers?

From a deliverability perspective, we recommend being cautious about using a cloud provider to host a GreenArrow installation. The reason for this is that if a provider sells servers on a short-term basis - by the hour, for example, their networks could become a target for abuse, and therefore have a poor IP reputation.

Speaking for Amazon Web Services specifically, we don’t recommend using EC2 IP addresses to send email directly, because of the above issue.

Aside from deliverability, GreenArrow Engine and Studio shouldn’t have any issues running on an EC2 instance. You would just need to get an appropriately sized VM to hold all of your data, and send the number of messages that you’d like to send per hour. Since disk IO is often a bottleneck, the “Provisioned IOPS” EBS volumes and “EBS-Optimized” EC2 instances are worth considering. See the Hardware Requirements page for more details on GreenArrow’s hardware requirements.

SES is one of the services that fall under the umbrella of Amazon’s AWS services. One of the motivations behind creating SES may have been the deliverability problems that exist when attempting to deliver email directly from EC2 IP addresses. We have customers who are using GreenArrow Engine, and relaying messages through SES. From a technical standpoint, getting GreenArrow Engine to relay messages through SES is not an issue.

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