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Testing DKIM

After creating a new DKIM key and setting up DNS you should test to make sure the new signature is working.

Tools required for this test

  1. A way to inject a test email with the new domain in the From Address. This can be from GreenArrow Studio’s Preview feature or one of Engine’s injection options.
  2. A test email account that checks DKIM authentication (Gmail is a good choice for this because the accounts are free and they test other things, like SPF).

Testing steps

  1. To send a test email, in this example I chose qmail-inject because it is very easy to modify the From and To addresses (but any of the options linked above will work). Make sure you use your own From Address and testing email address in place of the ones I used in the example below:

    ( echo From: [email protected] ; echo To: [email protected] ; echo Subject: DKIM Test Message ) | /var/hvmail/bin/qmail-inject

  2. Open the test email and view original: engine-testing-dkim-gmail-show-original.png

You can also find the SPF results on this page, so it is worth making sure nothing else is failing while you’re here.

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