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Time Zones

GreenArrow’s time zone can be configured in the following locations:

GreenArrow Studio

  1. Log on to GreenArrow Studio
  2. Navigate to the “Admin” tab
  3. Click on the “Manage Organizations” sub-tab
  4. Edit the “System Organization” (if you’ve renamed this organization, then make sure you’re editing the organization with the ID of 1)
  5. Set the “TIME ZONE” config and save the changes

This change will be applied without restarting any services.

GreenArrow Engine’s Web Interface

Most of GreenArrow Engine’s web interface gets its time from GreenArrow Studio’s “System” organization setting. To change this, you will need to follow the steps in the previous section.

If you do not have a license of GreenArrow Studio, you will need to contact GreenArrow Technical Support to make this change for you.

There are still a few parts of GreenArrow Engine’s web interface that use PHP. To update the time zone in those parts, you will need to edit the date.timezone config found in /var/hvmail/apache/php/lib/php.ini, and then restart apache to apply the changes:

svc -t /service/hvmail-httpd

SimpleMH Time Zone

Emails injected using SimpleMH that don’t have a custom Instance ID set will receive a default Instance ID, which consists of the 6-digit date YYMMDD. This ID is set every 24 hours based on the timezone offset configured in the SimpleMH Config File.

To change this timezone, edit the $TIME_ZONE_OFFSET value in the SimpleMH Config File. Note that this is a static offset, so automatic changes for Daylight Savings will not be reflected in SimpleMH’s default Instance ID automatically.

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