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Bulk Update IP Address Settings in Database

This page describes how to update GreenArrow Engine’s IP address configuration via PostgreSQL database queries.

To update IP address settings via a web interface, see the IP Address VirtualMTAs page.

To update throttling settings via PostgreSQL queries, see the Updating Throttle Settings in SQL page.

IP Addresses

Sending IP addresses are stored in the mr_ipaddr table.

mr_ipaddr Table Schema

         Column         |          Type          |                       Modifiers
 id                     | integer                | not null default nextval('mr_common_id_seq'::regclass)
 name                   | character varying(200) | not null
 ipaddr                 | character varying(200) | not null
 hostname               | character varying(200) | not null
 default_maxconn        | integer                |
 default_msgperhour     | integer                |
 default_backlog        | integer                |
 redirect               | integer                |
 throttling_template_id | integer                | not null

Adding IP Addresses

The query below adds an IP address into GreenArrow Engine’s configuration:

INSERT INTO mr_ipaddr (name, ipaddr, hostname, throttling_template_id ) VALUES ('foo', '', '', 1);

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