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URL Domains

GreenArrow Engine and Studio are able to use multiple domain names for click and open tracking. The domain that’s used for click and open tracking can be set by selecting a value from the “URL Domain” drop-down menu in GreenArrow Studio’s web interface, or through GreenArrow Studio’s API.

This document describes how to configure these URL domains.

Adding a URL Domain

Complete the following steps to add a new URL domain:

  1. Create a DNS record for the new URL domain which points to GreenArrow Engine. For example, if the URL domain were, and your GreenArrow Engine server has an IP address of, you would create the following DNS record: A

  2. Login to GreenArrow Engine’s web interface.
  3. Navigate to Configure => URL Domains:
  4. Click the Add URL Domain button:
  5. Enter the domain name that you’d like to add, click the SSL checkbox if you’d rather use HTTPS than HTTP, then click Save:


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