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Message Batching

GreenArrow is able to processes messages internally in batches in the ram-queue for faster performance.

When message batching is enabled, all of the reports that show the number of “messages” in the ram-queue (such as hvmail_status status) will report the number of message batches instead of messages (although the label will still say “messages”).

Message batching applies to:

  • Email injected through SimpleMH.
  • Email injected through an authenticated SMTP connection (either SMTP-AUTH or IP-based authentication).

Message batching does not apply to:

  • Email injected through an un-authenticated SMTP connection that does not use SimpleMH.
  • Email injected using the sendmail or qmail-inject commands that does not use SimpleMH.
  • Email that is internally generated by GreenArrow.


Batching is controlled with the following settings:

  1. /var/hvmail/control/opt.simplemh.batch.max_messages

    Maximum number of messages allowed in a single batch file.

    Default: 1

  2. /var/hvmail/control/opt.simplemh.batch.max_time

    Maximum time in seconds to wait for messages before closing a batch. This is needed because messages do not arrive in batches but need to be collected together into batches.

    Default: 1

  3. /var/hvmail/control/opt.simplemh.batch.max_bytes

    Maximum bytes to allow in a message batch.

    The default is automatically calculated from the queue.ram.ramdisk.size and queue.ram.ramdisk.messages to prevent exhausting the storage in the ramdisk queue. We strongly recommend using this default. You may enter the text default to get this default value.

These configuration files are automatically re-read each second.


To enable batching, for example, run:

echo 10 > /var/hvmail/control/opt.simplemh.batch.max_messages
echo 2 > /var/hvmail/control/opt.simplemh.batch.max_time
echo default > /var/hvmail/control/opt.simplemh.batch.max_bytes

To disable message batching, run:

echo 1 > /var/hvmail/control/opt.simplemh.batch.max_messages


Messages will be queued in batches, and some of Engine’s reporting does not differentiate between a message batch and the messages in that batch. For example, the hvmail_status command will report each message batch as a single message.

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