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License Key

GreenArrow has a license key which is stored at /var/hvmail/control/license_key. This license key must be valid for GreenArrow to send and receive email and for Studio’s administrative web interface to be accessible. Servers with an expired key will continue to process clicks and opens and make statistical information available within Engine’s web interface.

Please contact GreenArrow technical support if you should have a valid license key, but you believe that it’s not working, or contact your account manager if your license key has expired and you would like to renew it.


We normally install the license key for you, but if you’d like to install the key yourself, simply save the string of text that’s provided by GreenArrow technical support to the /var/hvmail/control/license_key file.

No commands need to be run to apply the new key. GreenArrow will automatically detect the replacement of an expired or bad key within a few seconds. If you accidentally install a bad key over a previously good key, it could take GreenArrow up to a few minutes to detect the failure and stop sending email.

In any case, we recommend verifying the validity of your newly installed key immediately after installing it, so that you don’t have to wait and see what happens.


You can verify that your license key is valid by running the greenarrow info command.

You can also verify that your license key is valid by running the hvmail_check_config command. This command checks GreenArrow’s configuration in a number of areas and generates a report.

To view the full report, run:


To view just your license key status, run:

hvmail_check_config | grep 'GreenArrow license'

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