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GreenArrow Engine can optionally use DNSBLs (DNS-based Blackhole Lists), such as the ZEN Spamhaus List to filter incoming mail.

  1. To control which DNSBLs to use, list them one per line in the /var/hvmail/control/smtp.rbls file. For example:

    echo "" >> /var/hvmail/control/smtp.rbls

  2. To disable checking DNSBLs, delete the /var/hvmail/control/smtp.rbls file:

    rm -f /var/hvmail/control/smtp.rbls

  3. Apply changes by restarting the SMTP service, and verifying that it stays up:

    svc -t /service/hvmail-qmail-smtpd
    sleep 7
    hvmail_init status | grep "hvmail-qmail-smtpd "

    If the SMTP service does not show the status “UP”, reverse your change.

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