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Disk Queue Summary


The Disk Queue Summary screen is accessible from the “Statistics” menu within the GreenArrow Engine user interface.


  • If an IP address or throttling rule has been deleted, its Throttle will be presented as (deleted) when grouping by throttle.

  • The Throttle column may contain domain names, domain wildcards, or mx: rules.

  • If the Throttle column contains the text Domains not explicitly throttled, that means that no explicit throttling rule exists for the domains. This will be present in the All Throttles (w/ Other) report.

  • If a message was injected to the default VirtualMTA, its VirtualMTA will show up as Default VirtualMTA.

Data Source

The data presented in the Disk Queue Summary screen is generated based on the results of the Disk Queue Summary API. See that page for documentation on the precise meaning of the grouping options available within the user interface.

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