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A VirtualMTA (also known as a Mail Route) is a path that mail takes to reach its destination. Each VirtualMTA can be classified as one of the three types below:

  • IP Address - a single IP address that is used to send messages.
  • Relay Server - an SMTP relay server that GreenArrow Engine forwards messages onto. This could be another GreenArrow Engine installation or any other SMTP server that is configured to accept messages.
  • Routing Rule - a group of one or more IP Addresses, Relay Servers and/or other Routing Rules. Routing Rules are most commonly used to load balance outgoing messages over multiple IP addresses.

Each message that GreenArrow Engine attempts to send is associated with a VirtualMTA. There are a number of ways in which a VirtualMTA can be specified, depending on how messages are coming into GreenArrow Engine:

If no VirtualMTA is specified, or if the VirtualMTA that is specified doesn’t exist, then the message will be sent through the default VirtualMTA of the server.

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