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Local Delivery Attempt Status Messages

When hvmail_report reports on a delivery to a local user, it appends an extra bit of information beginning with “did” to the end of its output. Here’s an example:

2017-06-07 13:18:48.299293500 success <return@example> mtaid=<> sendid=<> outmtaid=<>: did 0+0+1/

Here’s the section that contains the extra info:

did 0+0+1

The three numbers in this extra output tell us how many messages were delivered to a local Maildir, forwarded to another email address, and processed by a program, respectively.

In other words for the example log entry above, there were:

  • 0 deliveries to a Maildir (the first number)
  • 0 forwards to another email address (the second number)
  • 1 forward to a program which processed the message (the third number)

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