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Adding a New From Address Domain

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This document was written for On-Premises customers. If you’re a GreenArrow Cloud customer, then you can generally just start using your desired From address domain, as long as it’s not a domain like or that has a DMARC policy that forbids that type of use. For more advanced configurations, see the Adding A New Whitelabeled Cloud Domain doc.

This document is also valid for setting up a Sender header.

The Sender header is rarely used and is only needed if you cannot update DNS records for the domain in the From address. In GreenArrow Studio, this address is set in the Sender field.


This document describes how to add a From Address Domain into GreenArrow Engine. This does not configure the domain name for use as a Return-Path or URL Domain.

Step 1: Identify the From Address Domain

This is the domain to be used in the From address of your email. The From Address domain is the portion of the email address that comes after the @ symbol. For example, is the From Address domain in [email protected].

Step 2: Create a DKIM key

You will need to create a DKIM key in your GreenArrow Engine’s web interface. Create the key for the From Address domain above.

Note: Note the “Selector” that you use here. This is needed below in the “Yahoo Feedback Loop application” section.

Details on creating a new DKIM key are in the Creating a New DKIM Key page.

Step 3: Create a DNS Record

After a new DKIM key is created, the next step is to create its DNS record. Details instructions, including screenshots, are in the Creating DNS Records for DKIM page.

Step 4: Test Email Authentication

Once you have your email authentication set up, it is a good idea to test it out. You can do this by sending yourself a test email through GreenArrow to an email address that you own at an ISP where you know that Sender ID and DKIM are checked, and then reviewing the headers. For example, Hotmail / checks Sender ID and DKIM.

Step 5: Setup the Yahoo Feedback Loop

Now that you have a working DKIM key, we recommend registering it with the Yahoo Feedback Loop.

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