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SendGrid Integration

Spam Complaint processing

To enable spam complaint forwarding on SendGrid follow the instructions here in SendGrid’s documentation.

Configure SendGrid to forward spam complaints to one of the Spam Complaint Mailboxs you have configured in GreenArrow.

Bounce Processing

SendGrid does not have a method for forwarding bounces back to GreenArrow in such a way that they can be processed.

SendGrid does have a feature called bounce forwarding, but this feature only supports forwarding to the From Address of the bounced email.

In order to process a bounce, GreenArrow needs certain information that it encoded into the Bounce Address. Since GreenArrow would not receive that information when SendGrid forwards the bounce to the From Address, GreenArrow is not able to process that forwarded email as a bounce.

For this reason, if you choose to relay emails from GreenArrow through SendGrid, you will need to find another method to get the bounce data back into GreenArrow.

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