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SimpleMH Setting the Return-Path Address

A default Return-Path address was set in SimpleMH’s config when GreenArrow was installed. This default Return-Path address is used anytime you send emails using SimpleMH and a Return-Path address is not otherwise defined.

Here are the options for using a different Return-Path address when sending emails via SimpleMH:

  1. Add a SimpleMH Header to override the Mail Class’s default Return-Path address.

  2. Use a new Mail Class that has your preferred Return-Path address set in Override Default Bounce Address. To get valid values for this field, check your Incoming Email Domains configuration for valid Bounce Mailboxes.

  3. If you want to change the domain that gets used in the Return-Path address by default, you can modify the $RETURN_PATH_OVERRIDE value in SimpleMH’s Config file /var/hvmail/control/simplemh-config. Please note: errors in editing this configuration can break SimpleMH functionality. Be sure to use caution while editing this configuration.

    You can check for syntax errors in your updates by running the command below and verifying that it exits without error:

    /var/hvmail/libexec/perl -c /var/hvmail/control/simplemh-config

    This configuration change takes effect automatically. No service restarts are required.

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