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SimpleMH Injection


There are two methods for injecting messages into GreenArrow Engine - SimpleMH and Raw Injection. We recommend that new integrations use SimpleMH, rather than Raw Injection. SimpleMH was introduced after Raw Injection, provides a lot of features that Raw Injection does not, and is usually easier to integrate with.

Mail that’s injected using SMTP into port 587 or via the HTTP Submission API uses SimpleMH by default. Mail injected via any other mechanism uses Raw Injection by default. SimpleMH can be enabled by doing any of the following:

A message can be assigned to a Mail Class by matching on one of the following:

SimpleMH Features

SimpleMH introduces the following features, which are not available with Raw Injection.

Core Features

The following features are always on:

Optional Features

The following features can be turned on and off:

Most of these features can be configured on a per-Mail Class basis as described on the Mail Classes in SimpleMH page.

SimpleMH Telnet Example

telnet localhost 587
HELO localhost
MAIL FROM: <[email protected]>
RCPT TO: <[email protected]>
From: Info <[email protected]>
To: Subscriber <[email protected]>
Subject: SimpleMH example send
X-GreenArrow-MailClass: trans
This is a SimpleMH Injection test.
This is a <a href="">test link</a>.
This is an <a href="##unsubscribetag##">unsubscribe link</a>

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